I have a question for any mums out there. When you were pregnant, how did you manage when you got ill or hurt yourself? The number of women out there I hear complaining about being in constant pain during pregnancy as you can’t take anything is amazing!

When I was pregnant I can remember my doctor telling me to take paracetamol for the constant pain I had in my back and hips. I wanted to kick him in the hip and see if paracetamol helped his pain! I also suffered from hay fever for the first time in my life whilst pregnant and literally felt like my head was in a vice and my eyes had loft insulation behind them for three months. Could I take anything for it? No, I couldn’t! Like many women out there I just got on with it (while moaning for nine months) and told myself ‘it’s only for nine months, I can suffer until the baby is here’. Why should we suffer? Is it not bad enough that our bodies are being put through immense stress and change before we then go through the process of getting a baby out of there?!

I took an interest in how pregnant woman can cope with their normal ailments or illnesses whilst pregnant when I got chatting to some of the ladies that turned up to our Girls Nights In events or baby shower pamper parties. I always get the question ‘what pampering treatments can I have whilst pregnant?’ most people think you have to stick to a manicure or pedicure, but the whole point of these events and parties is to relax and feel great after. If you feel forced into having a treatment as you think it’s the only one you can have, isn’t that missing the point? This got me thinking and I started looking into how Reflexology can actually help relieve some of the pain and pressure you feel when pregnant. This would then be the perfect pampering treatment for a pregnant lady. Relaxing whilst getting some pain relief too!

So, how can Reflexology help pregnant women I hear you say? Well firstly, it can actually help before you get pregnant. Recent research has shown that Reflexology may also help women who are struggling to get pregnant. To be fair, the evidence so far is a bit here and there but has been enough to launch a medical study to see if the claims have any substance. A two-year clinical trial has recently taken place at an IVF clinic in Plymouth. This started after Reflexologist Jane Holt approached them claiming thirteen out of twenty-three women she treated fell pregnant. It is also suggested that the man in the relationship should also have reflexology sessions alongside his partner to tackle the problem at both ends. I was sceptical myself at first when reading the information on reflexology and fertility, but when you drill it down a reflexologist is working on the overall health of the person. When you start balancing hormones and stress levels it will all contribute in making that body and mind more able to produce a baby.

Let’s get back to reflexology in pregnancy. There is so much that reflexology can help with that I can’t list them all here. Because it is a natural non-evasive treatment, it is perfect for pregnancy. You might have a session for the pain you are feeling in your back but start noticing a difference in another issue you didn’t go for. That’s because Reflexology works on balancing the wellbeing of the whole body, so you get results on problems you may not have realised existed! Below is a list of a few things it can help with:

1. Back and joint ache

2. Morning sickness

3. Heartburn

4. Swelling in your legs (not associated with preeclampsia)

5. Insomnia

6. Bladder problems

7. Mild cramping

8. Haemorrhoids

9. Emotional stress

There are also reports that women who have used reflexology in pregnancy have found it easier to deal with the stress of labour as their body is in the best state to deal with the pain and longevity of it. It can also help stimulate milk production too!

So if you know someone pregnant who is struggling to just get through the day at the minute, send them my way. I’d be happy to show them they don’t need to suffer for the next nine months!