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I have the secret formula for success so here is my story

I am truly committed and I won’t rest until I have made a difference!

This is my story.

I left school in the 80’s not really knowing what I wanted to do.

By then I had attended about 10 different schools all over England and Germany, moving every two years with the Army and playing constant catch up with the school syllabuses.

I left school on a Friday and started work in a factory on the following Monday, the incentive at the factory was the harder you worked the more you got paid!

Over the years I have learned the skills to make friends and talk to people and have the understanding that if you work hard you receive the benefits. I have discovered that not everyone possesses these skills; they just come naturally to me.

I have a very supportive husband, two beautiful teenage children a lovely home and a faithful dog.

Everything was great, and then I slipped into that “bored housewife” syndrome. I wasn’t really bored I just needed to do something for myself.

I suddenly found myself enrolled on a Reflexology course.

I remember going into the classroom and hearing the tutor saying: this course is not for the BORED HOUSEWIFE it’s the equivalent of taking an A level, my heart sank, had I already failed? I didn’t even possess a GCSE.

I was absolutely absorbed in the course and had a pass mark of 98%, I have never achieved as high a mark for anything not even for talking!

The next biggest challenge was handing in my notice and becoming self-employed. I worked out that all I needed to do was provide 5 treatments a week and I’d be OK.

So I felt the fear and went ahead and launched Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events.

In October 2008, we were nominated by the public and shortlisted for Micro Business of the Year Award at the WORTHING BUSINESS AWARDS 2008. Wow, we couldn’t believe it!

My Wellbeing Events have become so popular that we are now am hosting them all over Sussex and to date, we have been into over 40 schools offering Wellbeing to the staff.

Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events has a team of experts that can provide workplace Wellbeing, pampering at home or at one of our regular venues, they are designed so everyone has the chance to try a treatment. How fantastic is that!!

In 2009 we launched the “Girls Nights Out Events“.

In October 2009 we were delighted to receive the Highly Commended award at the WORTHING BUSINESS AWARDS 2009.

Receiving this award was the icing on the cake. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s support and pledged that 2010 would be the best one yet.

2010 was, in fact, the best year, we were again shortlisted and won the Marketing and Promotion Award at the WORTHING BUSINESS AWARDS 2010!

How can this be a bored housewife some 6 years ago who took the courage to stand next to the bigger companies and actually walked away with the Worthing Business Award for Marketing and Promotion! Bloody marvellous!!

We have branched out into different areas. Our Girls Nights Out are being hosted at:

So successful and well known have the Girls Nights Out events become, we have had the pleasure of hosting the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine at La Fourchette in Brighton and the feature went live to some 5,000,000 people in December 2011.

We have also been featured in the August 2012 Etc magazine and turn to page 106!

I have also become the best Alternative therapist with “The Best of” in the whole of the UK, and the Second Best Business in Worthing 2011!

In 2011 we worked exceptionally hard to promote Wellbeing within the local area. We are very passionate about building a service which includes a partnership with other small to medium sized businesses.

I am helping everyone achieve their best potential. I am helping the Employers by introducing Wellbeing packages to the their staff, keeping the workforce well and motivated, which is really important in these troubled times, the community by offering business’s (Girls Nights Out Venues) the chance to open their doors to new customers and I am helping the therapists to build their client bases.

To date, I am now taking the Advanced Reflexology Workshops into the workplace and schools. Each person that attends these workshops will have the knowledge of learning a life skill to reduce stress and tension and improve the mindset. All very important in this high-speed crazy world we live in!

The magic formula to my success is, I have been myself throughout the whole experience, I haven’t promised anything I can’t deliver, I have the passion and drive to move my business forward, I’m not afraid, and I truly love my job.

Debbie Stevens Wellbeing & Girls Nights Out Events offers the very best therapists, using the very best natural Tropic Skin and make up range, giving the very best Holistic and Wellbeing treatments to clients, whether it is through our Girls Nights Out events, individual, school or corporate events.

Our customer care and business excellence is at the very heart of my business and, because of this Debbie Stevens Wellbeing & Girls Nights Out events has grown and become more popular year on year.

We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for taking the time to read our story.