Around this time of year, I always have people asking me if reflexology can help with weight loss. It does make me smile whenever I hear this question as it is literally the same time every year so it seems that everyone is thinking ‘Its June! How did that happen???? I haven’t even started getting my body beach ready!’ and everyone is looking for the miracle that makes you lose weight quickly with minimal effort. Well, I’m afraid to tell you this……but that miracle doesn’t exist. Trust me, if it did I would be a size ten!

But there are people out there that believe reflexology can help with weight loss, it just doesn’t take a couple of weeks.

There has been no research to prove this but like most things holistic, if you are dealing with the overall wellbeing of a person you will address many issues they have. For weight loss to work with reflexology, your reflexologist will need to find and work with the pressure points that correspond to your spleen and digestive organs. This will work your weight loss reflex points.

The techniques they will use will work the following parts of the body:

1. Spleen reflex points

Stimulating the spleen reflex point can help reduce the huger feelings you experience therefore helping you to stick to a diet or to stop snacking in-between meals. It will also help with any bloating or water retention you may experience.

2. Pancreas reflex points

Working on the Pancreas reflex points improves digestion. This can help with bloating and any digestion problems you may experience.

3. Gall bladder reflex point

As the gall bladder is the organ in the body that stores bile, it is important to have a healthy gall bladder when trying to lose weight. Stimulating the gallbladder will help aid digestion.

4. Key endocrine glands

Keeping your hormones and stress levels balanced will help with sticking to a diet and motivation for exercise. Working with the reflex points associated with your thyroid, pituitary gland and adrenals will all help achieve this.

Your reflexologist may even show you some reflexology exercises that you need to do for at least five minutes every day in-between sessions with them.

So to answer everybody’s question on can reflexology help with weight loss, the answer is yes. It can aid a weight loss program you are on, but if you are not exercising regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet then no amount of reflexology is going to get you to the weight you want. Using reflexology to help you stay on track by balancing the whole wellbeing of the body is where you will see the results. Just by reducing your stress and sleeping better will make a huge change. You are more likely to exercise, stick to a diet, stop grabbing a quick (unhealthy) snack if you get the right balance, and they are two areas that have great results with reflexology.

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