Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events

Wellbeing Workshops

Debbie Stevens is passionate about giving everybody the chance to enhance their own wellbeing. Whether you want to get ‘Back to Basics’ or learn a life skill to better yourself or save someones life, our workshops are designed to give you a tool box of life skills to pull upon as and when you need them.

Advanced Reflexology Workshop

Reflexology is a popular and relaxing holistic treatment based on the principle that reflex points on the hands and feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the body. It is a gentle and soothing massage of the hands and feet through which the energy channels and body systems can be reached.

First Aid Course

This course is for people requiring First Aider status, in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations. This course can be certificated through either the FAIB industry body or QCF awarding body.